Fedra Red Glass Coasters (Round)


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Traditional fused glass

Handcrafted in Greece

Vibrant colours

Augmented with metallic elements

Exclusive to 'Hard to Resist' in the UK

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 0.5cm

1 Coaster costs £7.50 - Set of 2 Coasters cost £14.00

Set of 4 coasters cost £25.00 - Set of 6 coasters cost £36.00

These beautiful coasters are engulfed by a sea of deep red. The centre is dipped in black and delicately fused with sprinkles of gold and copper.

We think these fused glass coasters are about as far from average as you can get, but we will let you decide for yourselves.

Each set is handcrafted so subtle differences may appear in each coaster (as with all artisan crafted products), but the design principle behind their construction will be the same every time.

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