Miniature Schnauzer - Square Coasters


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Traditional fused glass augmented with metallic elements

Handcrafted in Greece exclusively for us at 'Hard to Resist' in the UK

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 0.5cm

Augmented with metallic elements.

1 Coaster costs £7.50 - Set of 2 Coasters cost £14.00

Set of 4 coasters cost £25.00 - Set of 6 coasters cost £36.00

A high quality, gorgeous fused glass coaster that any barking mad Schnauzer fanatic will appreciate

If you are like us and the world basically revolves around your Schnauzer you will definitely appreciate this coaster.

We tried out best to capture the mischievous, playful and inquisitive nature of the miniature Schnauzer's we know and love, and encapsulated this gorgeous face in a fused glass coaster for you to cherish and enjoy day-in day-out.

Fun-fact: This coaster is actually based one of the Hard To Resist family Schnauzer. He is called Romeo and he is a beautiful boy who loves company and his squeaky pig toy very much :) ... nearly as much as he loves excessive barking!

We think these fused glass coasters are about as far from average as you can get, but we will let you decide for yourselves.

Each set is handcrafted so subtle differences may appear in each coaster (as with all artisan crafted products), but the design principle behind their construction will be the same every time.

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