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Angel Ornaments and Figurines: Not Just for Christmas

Angel Ornaments and Figurines: Not Just for Christmas

Tuesday 6th February 2024

It's no surprise that here at Hard to Resist, we have a wide range of ornaments perfect for every occasion.

Some of our best-selling ornaments are our handmade fused glass angels. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs, perfect for any occasion.

While these ornaments do make the perfect Christmas gift, they are year-round decorations, so do not need to be hidden away in the attic once the festive season is over.

In this article below, we will discuss some of the most popular angel ornaments we have on our website.

Christmas Angels

When it comes to Christmas time, angels are one of the first ornaments that come to mind - not only are they synonymous with the festive season, but their elegance, grace and beauty often appeal to even the most secular of people when it comes to Christmas decorations.

We have a range of Christmas angels in stock, and thanks to their wide range of colours and designs, they fit in incredibly well with your festive decorations, as well as blending into your house for the rest of the year.

While you won't be placing these particular angel decorations on top of your tree this year, they look beautiful placed on a mantlepiece, or perhaps a TV stand.

Because they are so versatile, they blend in beautifully with all other Christmas decorations. On top of that, because they are available in a range of colours or designs, you can choose the perfect one for your home decor.

Angels as a Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, gifting someone special in your life a handmade angel ornament is a wonderful idea. These handmade glass decorations are a thing of beauty, and their elegance and meaning are good when it comes to displaying them in your home.

Some of our angels can even be used as hanging decorations, so you don't need to worry about them taking up any space in your home, or making them look like they've cluttered up the place.

They also make the perfect birthday gift, so if you're looking for something completely different for a loved one's birthday, why not surprise them with a glass angel?

Special handmade ornaments are always a wonderful gift to receive, and you're also supporting a small business at the same time - what's not to love about that?

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Our fused glass angels do make the perfect gift for when words just won't cut it.
While they make a lovely Christmas gift or a birthday gift for a special someone in your life, they also make a greatly appreciated sentimental gift.

We all know of the associations angels have with loved ones who have passed, and sometimes helping out a friend or relative who might have experienced a big loss in their personal life can be difficult.

While sympathy cards are of course lovely to send, sometimes a gift can be an easier way of expressing yourself.

Because of their associations with life and death, angels can do the talking for you. We have a wonderful range of angels, some of which are just a simple crystal design, and can be used to commemorate loved ones in people's lives.

One of the most touching angels we have which is ideal as a sentimental ornament is our Miniature Schnauzer Angel.

Those of us who have lost a furry friend before know just how painful it can be. Any miniature schnauzer owners will also know how much these cheeky little dogs can bring into our lives, so this angel is perfect for someone who has recently lost their canine companion.

Guardian Angels

Many people associate angels with a more religious sense, including those of guardian angels. While everyone is entitled to believe what they want, we truly believe that our glass angels make the perfect guardian angel ornament.

Not only do they help people remember any loved ones they might have lost, but they also convey a sense of safety, security and reassurance for those who believe in the nature of guardian angels.

They make a unique special gift idea for someone who may hold these beliefs, and angels purchased for this reason are best displayed in a memory cabinet, or perhaps in a bedroom on a shelf or unit somewhere.

Spiritual Reasons

Similarly to the sentimental value that angels hold, for many people angels represent spiritual beliefs or even a connection to a world beyond ours.

Ornamental angels can be an open display of this belief, and hold great value to those who believe in the spiritual or religious side of angels. Angels have long been regarded as "guardian angels", and represent many different theories in the spiritual world.

Some will see angels as indeed guardians, or from a sentimental point of view as a reminder of a loved one that they lost.

Others may see angels as a sense of uplifting symbolism - a positive aura around the home or the room, thanks to the angel decoration.

Colourful angels like those with our galaxy theme are wonderful for this feeling of upbeat positivity, as well as fitting the narrative that angels do indeed transcend our world as we know it.

Year-Round Angel Decorations: Where can I put Them?

We mentioned in the introduction to this article that ornamental glass angels are not just for Christmas - but rather, they can be used year-round.

This is partly because of their elegance, and their ability to blend in with the decor of your own home.

For instance, glass angels can look perfect around your Christmas tree or your mantlepiece decorations, but even when the festive season is over and the decorations, lights and more are all back up in the attic for another year, the angels will not look out of place.

Think of some areas in your home where an angel would just look gorgeous. If you're unsure, or you're here looking for some inspiration, then you've come to the right place.

Coffee Table
A glass angel displayed on your coffee table is not only a statement in itself, but is a great conversation starter for any friends or family who are around visiting for a quick cup of tea or coffee.

On top of that, they also act as the table's centrepiece, adding another layer of elegance to your home.

Book Cases
If you think that only books belong on your bookshelf, you'd be wrong! Because our glass angels are available in a range of sizes, this means that you can find the perfectly sized one to fit on your bookcase.

It not only acts as a beautiful display ornament but also adds an element of magical aura to your bookshelf - and a lovely aesthetic touch, too.

Floral Displays
Relating to the spiritual and natural elements that angels emit, they are ideal to go in a flower display.

This once again emphasises the fact that these angels can be used year-round. For instance, they can be displayed next to some bluebells in spring, alongside some sunflowers in the summer, chrysanthemums in the autumn, and snowdrops or holly in the winter, and the angel will never look out of place.

On the contrary, it will simply emphasise the floral display that you have in your home, and fit in perfectly with the theme.

You could choose a neutral-coloured angel which will fit in with any flowers around it, or pick and choose a few different angels to suit your floral themes, year-round - the choice is all yours!

Hanging Decorations
The beauty of our hanging angels is that they can go in any room in your home - whether that's the living room, your bedroom, the guest bedroom, the dining room or even the downstairs loo - they genuinely do look wonderful anywhere.

On top of that, if there's a bit of your home that looks a bit blank (or lonely!), then a hanging decoration is perfect for this. This is because it's not as intrusive as a large printed poster, or something like a wallpapered wall.

Final Thoughts

So while you may think that Christmas and angel decorations are the only combination you can have with these beautiful handmade glass figurines, think again!

These glass angels do make a world of difference when it comes to looking for a perfect ornament to display around your home year-round.

Not only can they be used as a sentimental gift for a loved one, but they can also be purchased to display on your bookcases, coffee tables or just a unique gift idea for a special someone in your life.

Happy shopping!